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Import Wheel Catalogs

Documenting and preserving the history of Import Wheel Catalogs.

Below you will find an assortment of Imported wheel catalogs from the past, starting in the 60’s, and ending in the 90’s.

Interested in selling your wheel catalogs? Please contact me through justwheels -at- nwlink -dot- com


Welcome to Import Wheel Catalogs. A website dedicated to preserving the history surrounding Import Wheel Catalogs.

As many of you know, years ago, I started a website called “Vintage Wheel” where I trade and sell Vintage wheel catalogs. As it grew, I acquired more and more wheel catalogs. Including a few Imported Wheel Catalogs. After a lot of requests, I finally decided to place the Import Wheel Catalogs on their own website.

Entering all the catalogs is a ongoing process, but more catalogs will be added in the near future, please check back for updates.

Below you will find some routinely asked questions about my website.

Do you buy wheel catalogs? I do, I am now searching for any Imported Wheel Catalogs. Have any? Feel free to reach out to me.

Are you interested in any thing else other than wheel catalogs? Yes, I am always looking for old wheel posters. These were the posters hanging in the windows of wheel and tire shops. TOP DOLLAR PAID FOR YOUR OLD WHEEL POSTERS.

And I am always looking for any wheel related literature to help with research, brochures, business cards, wheel posters, articles, photos, etc. If you have anything, please get a hold of me.

Thank You, Mr. Mike